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Their Future is Our Future

Our Teams

Dr Veronica Kwan

PhD, Education Psychology Management, Entrepreneurial University of Costa Rica

Doctorate of Business Administration (Candidate), Montreux, Switzerland

M.Sc. in Education,(Course Development and Assessment), Inter University of Macau

Bachelor of Arts in English (specialization in Communications), University of Macau

Carlton College Academic Director

Seedu Genreral Manager

Wizelogic Ltd Director

Mind-Measurement Education Association(Macau) President

Mind measurement analyst and consultant

Child develop specialist


- Significant achievement in developing and conducting education programmes based on the analysis of mind measurement throughout Australia, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macau and China


- Experienced in course development, establishes and runs education system in blocks, logical thinking and mind development etc

- Monitors and provides guidance for nursery, kindergarten and primary teachers in course development and class preparation

- Assists parents in proper family education

- Conducts teach-the-teachers training in Taiwan, Macau and China on a regular basis

- Invited to a Chinese radio programme in Australia, introducing mind measurement and proper ways to raise different kids

- Conducts researches topics on mind measurement, emphasizes and provokes raising kids according their mind measurement analysis

- Participates academic seminars regarding early childhood education, presents speeches on: How are parents different in kids raising in the western countries and Asia and their misperceptions? Exploration on how to apply mind measurement analysis in sensory integration. The application of mind measurement results on strategic planning in early childhood course development

- Invited to give advice in kindergarten and primary school entry exam and assists in project execution.  

- Invited to observe, evaluate and assess kindergarten and primary school curriculum and assessment.   

- Invited to conduct lectures, workshops and seminars in China and overseas



Jenny Ng

Master of Business Administration

Bachelor of Arts in English

Certificate in Psychology and education


Academic title:

AES Academic Manager

Senior English Tutor

IELTS Professional Tutor

Anglia Professional English Tutor

The continuing Education Professional English Tutor

Professional invigilator of Anglia examination

Anglia Kids English Tutor


  • Invited to as the Judge of Macau Youth English Speech Contest

  • Tests Provider of General Knowledge Quiz Competition of Macau Secondary and Primary School(English Sections)

  • Invited to teach IELTS in Macau senior high schools (COLEGIO DE ST.ROSA DE LIMA(SC); Kwong Tai Middle School; Escola Choi Nong Chi Tai;HouKong)

  • Invited to conduct IETLS lectures in Macau senior high schools

  • With the IELTS teaching experience of many years, experienced in course development, establishes and runs education in IELTS and different kinds of English sections

  • As an exhibition translator of a foreign company; familiar with the business English and foreign culture.

  • Wrote the handbook of English conversation for a well-known furniture exhibition center and received India and Germany leaders.

  • As an English tutor of TOEFL, familiar with the test characteristics of TOEFL and IELTS, having a unique skill in those examinations.

  • As an English tutor for many years; wrote the teaching scheme of middle school grammar.

  • Awarded more than 30 prizes, including Nation Scholarship、Outstanding Graduates, etc.


Doris Teoh cinwen

Fungate education certification , Montessori education certification, Certificate in Hotel Management


  • Experience Kindergarten Teacher

  • Experience Primary Teacher

  • Experience Home-school Teacher

  • Education background Trained in education in early childhood

  • Trained in assists parents Participate academic seminars in early childhood Participate seminars in special children’s needs Participate seminars in Managing Emotions

I believe it was Whitney Houston that once said in an MTV video, “I believe the children are our future, teach them well and let them lead the way. Teach them well and let them lead the way. Show them all the beauty they possess inside. Give them a sense of pride to make it easier. Let the children’s laughter remind us how we used to be.”


Ray Chan

Bachelor’s degree in Industrial Engineering and Logistics Management, the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology


Senior English Tutor

IELTS Professional Tutor

Anglia Professional English Teacher

International Phonetic Alphabet Tutor


Delia Kuan

Master of International Business in Hotel, Resort & Event Management, Leysin, Switzerland

Bachelor of Arts in Japanese Studies, University of Macao


Senior English Tutor

Anglia Professional English Teacher

Certified Yoga (Level One) Instructor by


Stella Ku

Bachelor of Arts in Chinese-English Translation and Interpretation, Macau Polytechnic Institute

Postgraduate Certificate in Education(Secondary Education), University of Macau


Senior English Tutor

Anglia Professional English Teacher

Anglia Kids English Tutor


Kelly Chan

Bachelor of Arts in Business English, Jinan University

Exchange Student, University of Birmingham(UK)

Senior English Tutor

IELTS Professional Tutor

Anglia Professional English Teacher


Kitty Sun

Bachelor of English Education (Secondary), University of Macao

Exchange Student of Teacher Training Progamme in English Language Academy, University of Auckland

Senior English Tutor

Anglia Professional English Teacher

Anglia Kids English Tutor


Clare Wong

  -Holder of Postgraduate Certificate in Education (Secondary Education),

  -University of Macau

  -Bachelor of Arts in English Studies, University of Macau

English Phonics Tutor

Senior English Tutor

Anglia Professional English Teacher

Anglia Kids English Tutor