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Our English programme aims to develop children’s language skills and develop their confidence in using and communicating in English.


 As with all our language programmes, English Starter - Level 4 use literature and a range of authentic texts to provide context and meaning to the students’ learning. We also introduce children to familiar topics, focusing on developing language through songs, rhymes and story-telling, games, building on what the children are interested in and familiar with in their daily lives.


Students explore a range of different learning activities and practice all four key skills – reading, writing, speaking and listening in each or every other lesson.




Introducing Starter (3 years old)


In this course, students will:


Learning the alphabet


Develop phonic skills


Basic vocabulary


Building a strong foundation of English through fun based activities


Begin to develop the basics of key skills such as listening, speaking and fine motor skills such as how to hold a pencil


Level 1(3-4 years old)


In this course, students will:


Develop language learning through a variety of fun play-based activities


Practice all four key skills – speaking, listening, pre-reading & pre-writing in every lesson


Develop their fine motor skills which are necessary for holding a pencil and writing be introduced to key English sounds and intonations This literature-based programme


Level 2(5-7 years old)


In this course, students will:


Acquire language skills and develop vocabulary that is necessary for them to function more  independently


Practice all four key skills – reading, writing, speaking and listening - in every lesson


Develop confidence in speaking and writing



Level 3(8-10 years old)


On this course, students will:


develop their reading skills and enhance their vocabulary


learn writing conventions, such as handwriting, punctuation, correct use of sentences


develop confidence in speaking and pronunciation


enhance listening skills through various listening situations, such as storytelling, listening comprehension activities, role play


build on literacy and language skills learned in school



Introducing new level 4 (10-12 years old)


In this course, Students will:


Focus on their vocabulary skills


Learning to build sentences together


Enhance reading skills


Learning English through puzzles, singing and other fun activities


Enhance writing skills


Enhance listening skills by engaging in tasks such as “fill in the missing letters and recognising words etc”


Enhancing basic grammar skills


Building up their confidence with their speaking and pronunciation


*Note while applying for a course there will be a screening test to complete, to make sure that a potential student is going to right level and they can get the most out of Seedu.