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What is Dermatoglyphics?

Dermatoglyphics is a comprehensive scientific study which combines anatomy, medical science,  statistics, psychology, and etc. professional knowledge. The study has found that finger print and the nerve system are linked since 200 years ago. Since that, Dermatoglyphics has been widely used in pathological area, fingerprint analysis diagnosis of human congenital diseases and psychological disorders and as a forensic tool in the court. In recent decades, more and more people study how the fingerprint reflects the human genetic traits. Some people apply it when they have to choose their major in schools, some use it for talent assessment, job deployment areas, and etc.  


Human character is discernible as early as in the mother’s womb, and it reflects on the fingerprint. Since the fingerprint of each person is unique, if we study it carefully, we will be able to understand their inner potential.


In recent years, Dermatoglyphics is being recognized in Macau, many parents have sent their children for analysis to find out their inner potential, so that they will be able to nurture their children accordingly.  For further information, please contact us for details.